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Belle-île en Mer : Come to Belle-Ile

By boat

• From Quiberon
Belle Ile is located 15 km from the coast, off the peninsula of Quiberon. The crossing lasts about 45 minutes. Several free and paying car parks allow you to leave your car in Quiberon, near Port Maria.
- Compagnie Océane: 0820 056 156 -
Daily connections all year between Belle-Ile and the mainland, but also to Houat and Hoëdic islands. Travel for passengers and vehicles (bike, car, camping cars or other).
- Compagnie Navix: 02 97 46 60 00 -
Daily goings and comings in season (April to September). Transport of pedestrians only.
• From Morbihan gulf
For those who want to come to Belle Ile from Vannes, Locmariaquer or Port Navalo:

- Compagnie Navix: 02 97 46 60 00 -
- Compagnie du Golfe: 02 97 67 10 00 -
- Les vedettes du Golfe: 02 97 44 44 40 -
These connections, reserved for passengers only, are made from March to August and allow a trip of a day or more on Belle Ile.
• From La Turballe or Le Croisic

- Compagnie Navix: 02 97 46 60 00 -

Connections to Belle Ile for passengers only from La Turballe and Croisic. The crossing lasts 1h45 from April to September.

By train

  • Auray SNCF train station : bus connection to the Quiberon ferry terminal and by train in July-August, then boat connection
  • Vannes SNCF train station : bus connection to the Vannes ferry terminal, then boat connection
SNCF information : 3635 -

By plane


Move on Belle Ile

  • Walking: many coastal paths. Warning: the island is the largest of the Ponant Islands : 17 km long and 8 km wide.
  • Bicycles, electric bicycles or scooters rental.
  • Car rental.
  • Belle Ile taxis.
  • Bus lines on Belle Ile : Belle-Île bus : · 02 97 31 56 64 -
  • Hitchhiking : secure hitchhiking areas all over the island.
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