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Activities : Kayak

Sea kayaking, an activity for the whole family, adults and children to discover the extraordinary landscapes of Belle Ile en Mer with the kayak school Vives Eaux.
Adult outings:
« Vives Eaux » invites you to discover the most beautiful and inaccessible places of Belle Ile en Mer. On real sea kayaks you will sail along the steep cliffs and return to the heart of caves dug into the cliff. You can also observe the very rich fauna and flora of Belle Ile. While navigating in an exceptional setting, you will learn navigation by sea kayaking.

Children outings:
Children aged 8 to 12 years can discover the sea kayaking but also the flora and fauna of Belle Ile
« Vives Eaux » offers children a progressive learning of sea kayaking considering each rhythm, and raise awareness of the wealth of environments frequented in Belle Ile and the impact of their behavior.


Family outing:
The family outing offers the opportunity for children to practice sea kayaking with their parents. Adults adapt to children. In a warm atmosphere, adults and children explore the creeks, caves that hide along the cliffs of Belle Ile en Mer.

The school "Vives Eaux" of Belle Ile can also rent decked kayak depending on the weather.
Rates: They can vary from 30 € to 145 €

Telephone: 02 97 31 00 93
Website: www.vives-eaux.fr
Belle Ile en Mer agency Allain kayak in the sea
Belle Ile en Mer agency Allain group of sea kayak

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