Horse riding

Horse riding on a wild coast

The "Blue Pony" offers rides like horse riding that will allow beginners or advanced riders to discover the exceptional site of the wild coast of Belle Ile.

The Blue Pony: Discover Belle Ile en Mer on horseback

Small walks for your children: From 2 years old, your little ones can discover the pleasures of a ride, with Shetland ponies. These walks of 4 to 5 km on the wild coast of Belle Ile last 1 hour. The children are held by the lanyard by their accompanists. You can also follow the rides while walking or hold the pony. These are very beautiful rides, in a friendly setting to do with family.

Out of season rides: Discover on horseback in two or three days, Belle Ile with a thousand colors. To the west of the island you will observe the steep cliffs, moors and heather, creeks with turquoise water, to the east, the calm and cool green valleys, woods and streams. The "Blue Pony" makes you live all this in a family atmosphere, typical meals at the farm will reveal the authentic life of the islanders.

Telephone: 02 97 31 64 32

Knights of Bangor : Discover Belle Ile on horseback

The equestrian center of the "Knights of Bangor" is a beautiful 12-hectare domain located in the center of the island in front of the airfield.

The «Knights of Bangor » offer initiation rides for a whole day in the domain with the advice of the instructor but also rides around Belle Ile, during evening or morning on vacant beaches.

Telephone: 02 97 31 52 28
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