Terms of use

Terms of Sales : Terms of use

This lease is entered into as a temporary and recreational residence. The premises can not be used as a main or even secondary dwelling and the tenant can not engage in any commercial, craft or professional activity.
Consequently, the contract will be governed by the provisions of the civil code (article 1708 and following) as well as by the conditions provided for herein.
The lease ceases automatically at the expiration of the term fixed on the front, without the need to give leave. The lease may not be extended without prior written agreement of the lessor.
Keys are available to guests from 16:00 to 18:00 on the day of arrival.
Reservation by the tenant:
The tenant making a reservation signs and sends back to the lessor the contract accompanied necessarily by the amount of the reservation indicated on the front. The balance of the rent remains payable within one month before the handing over of the keys on arrival.
Nature of the commitment:
When the amount paid for the reservation is qualified as a deposit, the commitment of the lessor and the tenant is final.
Accordingly, if one of the parties refuses to perform its obligations, the other party may request enforcement or reparation.
The amount of the rent, tourist taxes and any charges and the deposit are indicated on the front.
Upon arrival at the key collection, the tenant will pay into the hands of the lessor an amount whose amount is defined on the front, as a security deposit, to respond to damage that may be caused to movable or other objects garnishing the premises rented.
Any lost item broken damaged or damaged must be replaced or refunded to the landlord at its replacement value by the tenant who requires it. In the opposite case and after discovery of the landlord during the inventory of places of exit a sinister file will be opened this one will give place to expenses of file of 25 euros. Any cleaning carried out by the agency at the departure of the tenant and not reserved in advance will result in an increase of ten percent of the initial amount of the end-of-stay cleaning.
After return of the keys, in the absence of deterioration noted in the inventory of exit contradictorily established by the parties, the deposit will be returned within 15 days after the departure of the tenant. The return of the keys to the landlord, at the end of the lease, does not imply the renunciation of the lessor to compensation for rental repairs, if it proves that the damage is due to the tenant.
An inventory will be given to the tenant upon arrival and countersigned by the Agency. At the time of departure and subject to an appointment, a check will be made by the Agency in the presence of the tenant. To facilitate the exit procedures, the Agency will be able to carry out the inventory of fixtures after the departure of the tenant and with his agreement.
The premises which are the object of the present renting must not, without any pretext, be occupied by a number of people superior to that indicated in the particular conditions, except prior agreement of the lessor.
In this case, the landlord may claim a rent supplement or refuse entry.
The present contract is governed by an insurance contract N ° EVT20171297.005 subscribed with AXERIA insurance limited intended for the reservers. It covers damage to property as a result of fire, explosion, water damage both for rental risks and for furniture leased, as well as for the remedies of neighbors and third parties.
He is obliged to:
    at. Consume in the reasonable and ecological way water and electricity. Any significant deviation from the national average will be billed using LINKY remote meters and within 6 months of the tenant's departure.
    b. To occupy the places only bourgeois, to the exclusion of any trade, profession or industry, the tenant recognizing that this hiring is only granted to him as temporary residence and pleasure.
   c. Do nothing that, because of it or the fact of his family or his relations may harm the tranquility of the neighborhood or other occupants.
   d. In case of renting in a collective building, comply as a tenant of the premises with the internal regulations of the building, of which it will take knowledge by way of posting or on communication of the lessor.
   e. Occupy the premises personally and can not under any circumstances sublet, even for free, or assign its rights to this lease, unless agreed in writing by the lessor.
   f. Do not introduce any pets into the rented premises without prior authorization from the lessor, the possibility of detention being subject to the fact that the animal does not cause damage to the building, nor any disturbance of enjoyment in the neighborhood.
   g. To leave during the rent, in the rented places, the works whose manifest urgency does not allow their postponement.
   h. Inform the lessor immediately of any damage and damage occurring in the rented premises, even if no apparent damage results.
   i. Before leaving, return furniture and other movable objects to their original place. The lessee undertakes to make the premises and the furniture in perfect order and cleanliness. Namely: floor washing, glazing, mirror, sink, sanitary, dishes, pots, refrigerator, interior cupboards, disposal of consumables. The tenant must abstain absolutely to throw in the washbasins, bidets, sinks, wash-houses, WC, etc. objects likely to obstruct the pipes, otherwise he will be liable for the costs incurred for the refurbishment of the devices. If the keys were not returned, the cost of replacing the cylinder would be deducted from the deposit.
   j. Notify in advance of the day and time of arrival
       k. In the event that the rented property is for sale, the tenant can not oppose any visits by the Agency, appointment being made at least two days in advance.
Interruptions in the functioning of the general services of the property: heating, cold and hot water, etc. as for public services: water, electricity, telephone, Internet access do not justify a reduction of rent or damages, if they are not due to an act of will of the lessor. However the lessor will be required to make every effort to provide these services to the tenant. In this respect, due to the difficulties encountered during the season to obtain the intervention of the personnel, or of a specialized company, the Agency declines all responsibility for the delay in carrying out the necessary repairs.
He is obliged to:
at. Deliver the rented premises in good condition for use and repairs, as well as the equipment mentioned in the contract in good working order.
 b. To insure the tenant the peaceful enjoyment of the rented premises and the guarantee of vices and defects likely to hinder it.
 c. Maintain premises in a state of service for the intended use.
d. Except in the case of a manifest emergency, do not carry out work in the rented premises during the rental period.